Force and Asset Search Tool


What is FAAST?

The U.S. Army recognized the need for a system to assist in the redistribution and tracking of excess inventory between subordinate units, thus, improving logistics readiness through redistribution of these assets. To resolve the issues addressed, Ganuch Inc. put together a team of highly qualified Functional Analysts, Subject Matter Experts, Application Engineers and Senior Application Developers to develop the FAAST software.

Ganuch Inc. currently offers the Force and Asset Search Tool (FAAST) software application to the government that has been extremely successful in helping the military achieve cost avoidance and savings in the logistics and financial arena. FAAST is a web-based total Transportation and Equipment Management system that provides item managers and transporters the capability to manage assets and personnel movements to meet mission goals. The FAAST transportation module allows transportation specialists to coordinate movement actions for personnel and equipment and track budgetary constraints in a single system. This tool is currently being used for deployment planning, readiness and disaster preparedness. It has the capacity to automate equipment redistribution, excess equipment management functions, and rapidly generate reports in one click. The redistribution of equipment is made easy by automating the lateral transfer and turn-in process. Customized "Task Force" can be developed and sourced through the systems automated processes.

The FAAST application provides multiple levels of asset visibility to equipment managers allowing users to run multifaceted queries from LIN and NSN level of detail to Serial Number searches. Automated reports are generated for Lateral Transfer and Turn-in directives and are distributed via email, which allows for complete tracking of critical items. FAAST tags line item numbers (LIN) with pending directives to prevent duplication of those actions, and reports from various filters assist in making equipment management decisions. FAAST provides asset managers with a 'one stop' system that furnishes asset visibility and equipment management capabilities.

Ganuch Inc. developed and currently maintains FAAST for the U.S. Army, U.S. Army Reserve and the U.S. Army National Guard. FAAST is a proprietary software application developed, owned and maintained by Ganuch Inc. No other organization is authorized or able to provide the FAAST System. Commands can purchase system access and support through GSA, contract number GS35F0482W or through direct contract with Ganuch Inc.

FAAST has supported the U.S. Army since 2000 in the material management arena. Contact the FAAST Management Staff today to find out more at:

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