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Think of Energy Efficiency as a Resource

In the South, the largest electrical demand in a building is for Air Conditioning and Humidity Control. Geothermal Heat Pumps provide the most Energy Efficient and Environmentally friendly way to cool and heat a building.

What can we do for you?

geoTECC offers a full range of services to complete the out-door heat exchanger drilling, grouting, and piping, as well as the inside polyethylene piping. We also provide designers with Conductivity Testing of potential geothermal sites. We can provide Consultation with building owners or architect/engineers. Zero Net Energy Buildings start with Geoexchange.

The Earth Comfort Company has provided ground heat exchangers for military bases such as Parris Island Marine Recruit Depot and the Air Station, Tyndall AFB, Robins AFB, Shaw AFB, Charleston AFB, and many more across the Southeast.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is designing more and more buildings using ground source heat pump technology.

The Earth Comfort Company has entered a Mentor – Protégé relationship with Ganuch, Inc of Tyrone, GA. Ganuch is a women owned, small business, with several military veterans as officers in the company. Our relationship will give us a bonding capacity of up to $7 million for geothermal and related projects. Together, we are training more pipe fusion technicians and related trades to install all the geoexchange components outside and inside the building.




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